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Accessing Numeracy and Literacy Exam Results and Student Transcripts

Any student who wrote their Numeracy and Literacy 10 Assessments in January will soon be able to view their exam results.

Students who are wishing to see their Numeracy 10 or Literacy 10 Assessment Results can log onto the Ministry of Education Website “Student Transcript  Students can also use the Student Transcript Service (STS) to view their final school marks, order their transcripts (which will show their Grade 10-12 final marks), send their transcripts to any Post-Secondary Institution and view any provincially awarded scholarships.

We have provided an attached Instruction sheet outlining how students can sign up for their Student Transcript Service & retrieve their Numeracy and Literacy exam results.

Please see the links below for additional support regarding the Student Transcript Service as well as the Numeracy and Literacy Assessments:

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