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Standard Based Assessment Report Cards – Term 2 – Gr. 8 & 9

Dear Families,

You are receiving this letter because your child is enrolled in a Grade 8 and/ or 9 class this year.  Our teachers will be using the Four-Point Provincial Proficiency Scale to communicate student progress throughout the year.

As you are aware, the Ministry of Education has implemented a redesigned Provincial curriculum in schools. As curriculum has changed, so do the ways we assess, evaluate and report on  student learning. Throughout the year students will be given feedback on their learning using Standards Based Assessment. This assessment is focused on ongoing dialogue between the student and teacher using the Curricular Competencies of the course curriculum and a four-point Provincial proficiency scale. Please see the attached a link for your reference:

This Term 1 Report Cards represent a ‘check in’ on students’ progress. We feel the changes on the report card reinforce that learning is a process for students. This new report card shows both areas of strength and growth for learning.

Below this letter you will find directions to access your child’s detailed report card on the Parent Portal.

We value your feedback. Please direct any comments or questions to your child’s teacher or directly to me.

Accessing your Child’s Standards-Based Report Card MyEducation BC Family Portal


Your child’s report is located in the Family Portal.

Family > ‘Child’s Name’ > Documents

The following steps will help you to find it.

  1. Log into the MyEducation BC Family Portal
  2. Click on the Family tab at the top
  3. Select your child from the list

4. Click on the Documents link on the side tab

5. Then click on ‘Documents’ again

6. Your child’s report will show up on the left. Click on it to open the PDF