30 or 80 Hours of Work Experience

On the grade 11 and 12 course selection forms students are asked to make a choice between 2 work experience options – 30 Hours or 80 Hours.

30 HOURS of Work Experience – Graduation Requirement

Part of Career Life Education 10 Career Life Education 11/12 curriculum.

NOTE: everyone must complete a minimum of 30 hours of work experience to graduate!

What can count for the 30 hours of work experience?

  • paid work (* some restrictions apply)
  • volunteer work (* some restrictions apply)
  • work experience arranged by a Career Education Advisor

You and your workplace supervisor must complete a package of forms. See your Career Education Advisor in Room C105 and C106 to get more details on the paperwork process.

80 Hours of Work Experience – WEX 12A – Career Preparation 4 credit – Elective Course

(Career Preparation Program WEX 12A (Elective 4 credit course)