Come in to Burnaby South to complete paperwork and make an appointment to register.  Students must reside with their parents, legal guardian, or custodial guardian.

Please bring the following documentation:

  1. Proof of residence (address).  Bring two of the following forms:
    a.  A completed Agreement of Purchase; or Residential Tenancy Agreement or
    b.  A property tax notice to the family at the address cited; or
    c.  A hydro/utility bill to the family at the address cited; or
    d.  A valid B.C. Driver’s License indicating the address cited; or
    e.  Documentation from government agencies
  2. Proof of guardianship, if applicable
  3. Proof of age
  4.  Proof of citizenship:
    a.  Canadian Birth Certificate; or
    b.  Citizenship card accompanied by picture identification; or
    c.  Legal immigration documentation
  5. Immunization records
  6. A completed Student Information Form Jan2017
    A completed Burnaby School District Medical Information Form
  7. Copy of the student’s most recent school marks (including summer school), such as:
    a.  An official copy of marks from the student’s Permanent Record Card; or
    b. The student’s most recent report card; or
    c. A transcript of academic record; or
    d.  A transfer with marks
  8. An emergency telephone contact number of a local person who is available during
    school hours
  9. The name and telephone number of the family doctor or medical clinic Parents or
    must accompany their child to the registration appointment

 Other Forms

Cross-District Transfer Application Form Jan2017
Out-of-District Transfer Application Form Jan2017