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We are excited to announce that Burnaby South will be doing SpongeBob the Musical, Spring 2025. If you are interested in being part of the Orchestra, Acting, Singing, Dancing or being part of the Stage Craft Team, please click on this link:   NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!


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Ms. L. Carley

Welcome to Music! The Burnaby South Music Department offers a wide variety of music courses for all skill/experience levels, including: Concert Bands ~~ Jazz Bands ~~ Orchestra ~~ Concert Choir ~~ Chamber Choir ~~ Ableton/GarageBand Music Tech & Composition ~~ Guitar ~~ AP Theory ~~ Music Leadership ~~ Piano Playing for Choir. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Once you have looked at the courses below, please check out our Mr. Wilson’s webpage

Concert Bands (Grade 8-12) Beginner Band, Junior Band, Intermediate Band, Senior Band

In these classes you will refine your skills as a musician by learning to play a musical instrument at progressively higher levels of skills.  Students  will perform a wide variety of music (appropriate to their level) ranging from classical to modern music.  We offer many extra musical experiences and field trips to allow out students the opportunity to hear the best musicians in Vancouver.  In the past few years, we have taken out students on many music field trips and have performed in festivals.  Concepts such as articulation, embouchure, blend, balance, tone and style are explored to form a foundation of musical awareness that encourages expression, reflection and performance.  Many instruments are available for rent through the schools.  Assistance for renting or purchasing a musical instrument will be provided at term start.

Chamber Choir (Grade 8 to 12) **7:30am Classes**

Please note, you must be a member of the Concert Choir or Band class in order to belong to Chamber Choir. Chamber Choir is a performing group open to students who have previous choral experience and a basic knowledge of music theory. Public performances include the Winter and Spring concerts, the graduation ceremony, and festivals.  Instruction in music theory and sight singing are covered in this class. Each week, students will work on more advanced choral repertoire. The Chamber Choir course integrates advanced elements of choral music though rehearsal, analysis, and performance. Please Note: Grade 8 & 9 Students will have to take this course as a “9th Course” only, on top of their regular 8 choices

Concert Choir: Choral Music (Grade 8 to 12)

Concert Choir is a performance group dedicated to a variety of vocal repertoires. It is open to all Gr 8-12 students who have an interest in choral music and performance. Public performances include the Winter and Spring concerts, the graduation ceremony, and festivals. On occasion, students will participate in exchange concerts, trips, festivals, or competitions. In this class you will refine your skills as a singer by learning healthy vocal technique and music reading progressing to a higher level of skill. We offer many extra performance experiences and field trips to allow our students the opportunity to hear the best musicians in Vancouver. In the past few years, we have taken our students on music retreats, to musical performances at the Playhouse and Arts Club Theatres, to the Vancouver Opera, and have performed in local festivals. We have travelled to perform in China, Ireland, Hawaii, California (Disneyland and San Francisco), Scotland, England and New York.


Jazz Band Senior (Grade 8 – 12) **7:30am Classes**

Our Jazz Bands are performing groups dedicated to the performance of the best music in the jazz tradition.  Typical instrumentation is saxophone, trombone, trumpet, piano, drum set, bass (electric or upright bass), and guitar. The Jazz Bands concentrate on many different styles including swing, Latin, rock, funk and some mainstream popular music. The emphasis is on learning how to play jazz styles, improvisation (solos), and improving general musicianship. Public performances include the Winter and Spring concerts, the graduation ceremony, and festivals. Students in these classes are offered the same field trip and performance opportunities as our band/choir students.

Orchestra (Grade 8 to 12) **7:30am Classes**

We are one of the few schools in the province that offers a full symphony orchestra class. Students in this class experience many of the same field trips as band and choir students.  This class is offered to students with a minimum of 3 years’ experience on a stringed instrument, who are currently taking private lessons.  Brass and woodwind players must also be enrolled in a band class and have the recommendation of their band teacher. Please Note: Grade 8 & 9 Students will have to take this course as a “9th Course” only, on top of their regular 8 choices.


Ableton & GarageBand:  Music Technology and Composition (Grade 9 – 12)

This fun course is designed for all students of all music backgrounds and no previous music experience is required.  This course familiarizes students with Digital Audio Workstations (Ableton mostly, however GarageBand is an option) at individualized MIDI workstations with piano keyboards. Students work on developing Abelton skills and work on recording and composing music. To learn more about what Ableton looks like, please watch the video at the first video on this webage:


Guitar (Grade 9 to 12)

The emphasis of this course is to learn proper playing technique and the basics of music theory through the study and performance of a variety of styles of guitar music.  Students will complete this course with a thorough understanding of note reading, finger picking and chording in major and minor keys.

AP Music Theory 12

This course teaches a wide array of musical concepts. Along with music theory and beginning composition, students also deal with aural skills, dictation, and sight singing.  . Students learn the basics of music notation and score analysis along with a knowledge of basic tonal harmony in the eighteenth-century common practice period style.

Music Leadership (Grade 11 & 12)

Students with a strong interest in music are encouraged to apply for this course. Students learn basic conducting, teaching skills, organizational skills and advanced musical skills.

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