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Student Government (SG) at Burnaby South Secondary, is composed of approximately 25 students in grades 8-12 who work together to provide overseeing leadership, and represent the student body as a whole. SG puts on a variety of small events each term to promote school spirit, such as Fear Factor, a  gingerbread decorating contest and a Valentine’s Day cake off, just to name a few. In addition to those smaller scaled events, SG works hard to put on larger annual ones, such as a pledge based event to support our sister school, Endana Secondary in Kenya, a school homecoming called Winter formal, and an end of the year Carnival, Rebel Fest. Student Government is a unified body that encourages high morality through conduct and scholarship, but also is a group of positive young students that are proud to be Rebels!

At Burnaby South, we Rebels take pride in how many Clubs and Councils we have to offer, and it is Student Government’s job to oversee and help out when needed, with all events and activities by all clubs at our beloved school, this including already approved clubs, and the ones still being developed in the minds of students! If you are a student or club that wants to start up a club, there are a few simple procedures that must be followed before your brilliant idea can take off!

How to start a new club:

Step 1. Think of an idea or concept you think many people will be able to relate to or would be interested in participating in!

Step 2. Find a sponsor teacher who will be your overseeing adult, as well as figure out your meeting room and date.

Step 3. Get a caucus form from Ms. Sihota (in the office), fill it out and return it back to her.

Step 4. Wait to get a response from the administration staff, in which they will either say you must present your idea to caucus on a Wednesday morning, or to Student Government on a Monday afternoon.

Step 5. Book the date of your presentation, either with Ms. Sihota for a caucus appointment, or with a Student Government Member for a Student Government Presentation, and follow through.

Once all 5 of these steps are completed and your club is ready to go with advertisements, events and meetings! South does its best to allow all students to express themselves, and one of the major ways we do this, is by encouraging the formation of clubs, so students find like-minded peers as well as exposing new and diverse interests, truly making South one of a kind!

Once you have your club, you may want to host events from time to time. Here are the steps to do so:

How to get approval for / book an event:

Step 1. Get a caucus form from Ms. Sihota (in the office), fill it out and return it back to her.

Step 2. Wait to get a response an email response from Student Government in which you will be invited to present at a Student Government meeting.

Step 3. Book the venue (Cafeteria, MPR etc) with Ms Longridge in the office. Once you have scheduled a date, time and location with her, fill out the Facility Booking Form (available to teachers on the ‘T’ drive) and send to Ms Maria Longridge, Ms Jindy Sihota and Ms Baljit Dhaliwal.

Step 4. If you require use of the sound system, please see Student Government at least 1 week before your event to arrange use.

Burnaby South’s Constitution BbyStudentGovernmentConstitution20142015 doc
Burnaby South’s sister school, Endana is in Kenya. We are connected through an organization named PA-MOJA and this year we got to meet a Kenyan student who has benefited from the support of this organization. He is visiting Vancouver this year and is writing a blog about his experiences. If you’re interested in reading his stories and adventures, here is the link