Pro/Con of 80 Hours

Pro Con
  •  gives you a chance to learn about specific jobs. You are better informed, and therefore, can make wiser career choices.
  • 80 hours satisfies the 30-hour requirement for graduation and gives 4 credit, grade 12 course
  • make valuable career contacts that could assist you with planning your career or gaining entry into your chosen field
  • supervisors provide you with an evaluation/reference that you can add to your résumé.
  • Most employers prefer to hire someone with some sort of experience.
  • There is a chance that the company where you do your work experience may offer you paid part time or summer work.
  • course can count as one of the 16 courses that you are allowed to take in Grade 11 & 12. Thus if you choose WE12A you can have a study block (usually in Grade 12 year). If you want to be enrolled in 16 courses plus WE12A, it can be a 9th class in your grade 12 year.
  • If you are submitting any type of application (post-secondary institutions, scholarships) the more “well rounded and experienced” you are, the better your application looks to a screening committee.
  • Approximately 70% of students in Burnaby do choose a Career Preparation Program
  • You do have to miss some school (depending on the employers’ willingness to take students outside of school time). It could be as much as 10 to 12 days of school over your grade 11 and 12 year. You are responsible for all work missed during your absence and it may be difficult to complete all of your missed assignments if you have a heavy academic load. Most teachers are understanding and will give you a reasonable amount of time to catch up, but you must be aware of this responsibility before you choose Career Preparation.