Staff Directory




Ms. N. Bains Student Services
Mr. C. Beaton English
Ms. E. Blackstock Pedroso Applied Skills
Mr. S. Block Science
Mr. D. Boychuk English
Ms. C. Briggs Physical and Health Education
Ms. M. Bryant English
Ms. A. Burbidge Social Studies
Ms. M. Campos Social Studies/Media Arts
Ms. L. Carley Visual and Performing Arts
Mr. V. Chan Science
Ms. J. Chen Languages
Mr. J. Chien Math
Ms. K. Cho Business Education
Ms. M. Chor YPP
Mr. C. Chow Student Services
Mr. G. Chow ELL
Ms. M. Chow Applied Skills
Dr. P. Chow English
Mr. D. Clarke Physical and Health Education
Mr. B. Cooper Learning Support
Ms. A. Corrado English/Social
Ms. E. Dewar Visual Performing Arts
Ms. S. Dube English
Mr. L. Dymytryszyn Math
Ms. O. Elesina Math
Ms. B. Elliott Learning Support
Ms. J. Fenn Student Services
Mr. R. Franklin Learning Support
Ms. M. Friesen Learning Support
Mr. S. Gahunia Math/CLC
Ms. S. Ghani Social Studies
Ms. D. Ghtaura Science
Mr. F. Giallonardo Learning Support
Ms. M. Giallonardo Physical and Health Education
Ms. R. Gill Student Services
Ms. E. Giouzelis Social Studies
Ms. H. Gligoris Social Studies
Mr. S. Gopal ELL
Mr. D. Grant Applied Skills
Mr. R. Hobbes Applied Skills
Ms. S. Holt Social Studies
Ms. S. Jennings Applied Skills
Ms. M. Kamber Mathematics
Ms. M. Kangro Math & Science
Ms. H. Kingra Physical and Health Education
Ms. A. Kuang Applied Skills
Mr. K. Kwan Career Programs and Applied Skills
Ms. S. Lal English
Mr. D. Lam Science
Ms. F. Lau-Edwards Learning Support
Mr. A. Lee Advanced Learning/Math
Ms. C. Lenger Applied Skills
Mr. C. Lock Science
Ms. D. Loo Math
Mr. K. Lui Science
Mr. L. Moore Languages
Mr. P. Magriotidis Physical and Health Education
Ms. L. Mah Applied Skills
Mr. M. Marzouk Math
Ms. L. Matsumura Career Programs
Ms. J. Neff English & Social Studies
Mr. R. Pattyson Science
Ms. M. Peterson Visual and Performing Arts
Ms. M. Poonia Science/Physical and Health Education
Mr. R. Pottinger Applied Skills
Ms. B. Price Indigenous Education
Mr. R. Puni Athletics
Ms. K. Rai ELL
Mr. W. Reggler Learning Support
Ms. B. Robinson Visual and Performing Arts
Ms. A. Romain Languages
Mr. B. Ross Languages
Ms. M. Ruecker English/Physical and Health Education
Ms. R. Samra Science
Ms. T. Sandhu Social Studies
Mr. J. Sanyshyn Languages
Ms. A. Sarai English
Mr. A. Scaga Learning Support
Ms. R. Siska Student Services
Ms. J. Smith Languages
Ms. O. Sokolova Science
Ms. K. Speakman Applied Skills
Ms. G. Stanisic English
Mr. W. Steele Learning Support
Ms. S. Takeuchi Languages
Ms. K. Vakakis English/Learning Support
Ms. D. Villella Learning Support
Mr. O. Vlek Physical and Health Education
Ms. C. Wilson Visual and Performing Arts
Mr. A. Wong Music
Mr. E. Wong Tech Education
Ms. S. Wong Applied Skills
Ms. K. Yan Library
Mr. G. Yuen Math
Ms. V. Zaharieva-Alexieva Visual and Performing Arts