Staff Directory



Ms. A. Atkinson English
Mr. C. Beaton English
Ms. J. Beaton Social Studies
Ms. P. BentleyFernandes Student Services
Mr. S. Block Science
Ms. L. Bosello English
Mr. D. Boychuk Applied Skills
Ms. C. Briggs Physical Education
Ms. M. Bryant English
Ms. A. Burbidge Social Studies
Ms. L. Carley Visual and Performing Arts
Mr. V. Chan Science
Ms. J. Chen Applied Skills
Mr. J. Chien Math
Ms. K. Cho Business Education
Mr. C. Chow Student Services
Mr. G. Chow ELL
Ms. M. Chow ELL
Ms. P. Chow English
Mr. D. Clarke Physical Education
Ms. C. Couch Visual and Performing Arts
Ms. T. Du Languages
Ms. S. Dube English
Ms. N. Dyer Applied Skills
Mr. L. Dymytryszyn Math
Ms. F. Edwards Learning Support
Ms. O. Elesina Math
Ms. J. Fenn Student Services
Mr. R. Franklin Learning Support
Ms. S. Ghani Social Studies
Ms. D. Ghtaura Languages/Science
Ms. H. Gligoris Social Studies
Mr. F. Giallonardo Learning Support
Ms. M. Giallonardo Physical Education
Ms. R. Gill Student Services
Ms. E. Giouzelis Social Studies
Mr. S. Gopal ELL
Ms. S. Jennings Applied Skills
Ms. M. Kamber Mathematics
Ms. M. Kangro Science
Mr. D. Katsionis Applied Skills & Physical Education
Mr. J. Kim Applied Skills
Ms. H. Kingra Physical Education
Mr. K. Kwan Career Programs
Ms. S. Kwon Math
Ms. S. Lal English
Mr. D. Lam Science
Mr. A. Lee Business Education
Mr. Amos Lee Math
Ms. C. Lenger Applied Skills
Mr. J. Liau Languages
Mr. C. Lock Science
Mr. K. Lui Science
Mr. B. Macdonald Social Studies
Mr. P. Magriotidis Physical Education
Mr. C. Mah ELL
Ms. L. Mah Applied Skills
Mr. M. Marzouk Math
Ms. L. Matsumura Career Programs
Mr. M. McNeilly Math
Mr. M. Mitchell Learning Support
Ms. J. Neff English
Mr. J. Nguyen Learning Support
Mr. J. Ogilvie Physical Education
Mr. R. Pattyson Science
Mr. M. Perry Learning Support
Ms. M. Peterson Visual and Performing Arts
Mr. P. Ponti Learning Support – Pre Employment
Mr. R. Pottinger Applied Skills
Mr. R. Puni Athletics
Ms. K. Rai Languages
Ms. S. Rainey English
Mr. R. Ralph Learning Support
Mr. J. Richards Social Studies
Ms. B. Robinson Visual and Performing Arts
Ms. A. Romain Languages
Ms. M. Ruecker Physical Education/English
Ms. R. Samra Science
Ms. T. Sandhu Social Studies
Mr. J. Sanyshyn Languages
Ms. A. Sarai English
Ms. T. Sarbazzadeh Visual and Performing Arts
Ms. K. Sawatsky Languages
Mr. A. Scaga YPP
Ms. R. Siska Student Services
Ms. J. Smith Languages
Ms. O. Sokolova Science
Ms. K. Speakman Foods
Ms. G. Stanisic English
Ms. R. Stone Learning Support
Ms. M. Tallard Languages
Ms. L. Tong Learning Support – Pre Employment
K. Vakakis Languages
Mr. O. Vlek Physical Education
Ms. C. Wilson Visual and Performing Arts
Mr. M. Wilson Visual and Performing Arts
Ms. T. Wilson Science
Mr. E. Wong Tech Education
Ms. L. Wong Science
Ms. S. Wong Applied Skills
Ms. K. Yan Library
Mr. G. Yuen Math
Ms. T. Zacharias English & Physical Education
Ms. V. Zaharieva-Alexieva Visual and Performing Arts