Burnaby South Secondary School
Grade 8 Honours Entrance Assessment Information

 Burnaby South’s Grade 8 Honours entrance assessments for students who chose an Honours course for September 2024 will take place IN PERSON at Burnaby South Secondary on the following dates and times.

Assessment Dates and Times:


Date and Start Time

Time Limit

English 8 Honours Monday, April 22, 2024 at 4:00 PM 60 minutes
Science 8 Honours Wednesday, April 17, 2024 at 4:00 PM 60 minutes
Math 8 Honours Monday, April 15, 2024 at 4:00 PM 75 minutes
Socials 8 Honours Wednesday, April 24, 2024 at 4:00 PM 60 minutes

All students writing these entrance assessments must find their own transportation to and from Burnaby South Secondary.  Once at South, please follow the signs to the assessment room.

Assessment Content Information:



English 8 Honours The assessment will have only 3 question.
Students will be asked to read a text and respond to a question related to the reading. You can make personal connections or respond critically. Make sure to have explicit reference to the text.  You will also be required to provide written responses to two additional while also giving reasons to support your response.
Socials 8 Honours The assessment will consist of 1 reading passage and 2 questions.
Both questions will need to be answered in paragraph form. The questions will require students to show critical thinking and analysis skills. Students should support their response with evidence from the text.
Science 8 Honours The assessment will be a 25 question, multiple choice exam that will focus on scientific and critical thinking. The assessment will not be based on any specific knowledge or topics. Rather, students will be given passages to read and questions pertaining to respective passages.
Math 8 Honours The assessment will have 20 short answer and 6 open ended questions.

Students will be asked to write out their solutions showing their work to justify their answer for the 6 free response questions.

For the 20 short answer questions, only the final answer will be marked.

Calculators are not allowed for this assessment.

Questions may be similar to the Gauss 7 and CNML Grade 7 Math Contests.

Samples of Assessments

English Honours 8 Sample

Science 8 Honours Sample

Math 8 Honours Sample

Social Studies 8 Honours Sample

How do students find out if they have been accepted into Honours?

Students will be notified whether or not they are accepted into Honours in May on their “Course Verification Form” that will be given out through their Grade 7 teachers.

For example, if the student was accepted into Math 8 Honours, the form will say Math 8 Honours.  All students who did not get accepted will be put in the regular class (in this case – Math 8 regular) and also placed on a ranked waitlist for Math 8 Honours.

If spots do open up before the first day of school in September, then students from the ranked waitlist will be moved into the Honours class.  So students will know for sure if they are in Honours or not on the first day of school in September when they get their course schedule.