AP Credit at Post-Secondary Institutions

AP Credit at Post-Secondary Institutions

Most post-secondary institutions welcome high school students who have taken AP courses while in secondary school. They use AP courses and exams to determine admission and scholarship requests.

At UBC, AP courses may be combined with an approved high school credential for the purpose of admission. The admission average for students who present results from one or more AP courses will be calculated on the higher of either the AP examination score or the final school grade. In those cases where an AP examination score is not available at the time of admission selection, the course grade will be used.  UBC credit will be granted if you achieve a grade of 4 or better on approved AP exams. First-year students eligible for advanced credit should consult departmental advisers at UBC before registering in any second-year courses.

At SFU , Advanced Placement Program courses may be used in place of equivalent provincially approved grade 12 courses. SFU grants transfer credit and/or advanced standing to students who complete APP examinations, in certain transferable subjects, with grades of 4 or 5. Course challenge (credit by examination) is also available in some discipline s.

For up to date information on the two local post-secondary institutions, please visit their websites:  – UBC  – SFU

UBC and SFU Admission Conversions

5 96
4 86
3 80
2 70

For the University of Victoria (UVIC) Transfer Credit for Advanced Placement will be assigned according to the equivalencies set out in the BC Transfer Guide (www.bccat.bc.ca) for the year in which the courses were completed.

For other universities and local colleges (Langara, Capilano, Douglas)… If you passed an Advanced Placement Exam, you may be eligible for college credit. Please also refer to the BC Transfer Guide (www.bccat.bc.ca).

For Universities Outside Canada …  Please consult the individual university’s website or call their admissions office for up-to-date information