AP and Honours Course Transition

AP and Honours Course Transition

For all Honours or AP courses, the recommended requirements are work habit of G and a minimum subject grade of a B in Grade 8 and 9 courses, or a minimum of 80% in Grade 10, 11 and 12 courses.  Please note that entry into Honours and Advanced Placement is a competitive process – some students may achieve the minimum standard but may not be accepted into the course due to space limitations.

Advanced Placement courses have limited enrolment and first priority will be given to students who have completed the Grade 11 Honours. Students who have not taken Honours 11 classes will be considered for Advanced Placement on a space-availability basis. In such cases, students will be required to make up missed Grade 11 Honours level work.

For admission into Math Honours and AP courses, students should have demonstrated an interest, ability and willingness to try to solve more complex math problems. Students will also be expected to write math contests.

Revised Math

For admission into English Honours and AP courses, students should have demonstrated interest, ability, and willingness to be readers and writers.


For admission into Social Studies Honours and AP courses, students should have an interest in current affairs and world issues, and should have demonstrated strong literacy skills, and a good work ethic.

Admission into all Art Honours courses, beginning in Grade 10, will be based on teacher recommendation, an A in Grade 9 Art, and submission of a portfolio for adjudication.

Students who receive a B or higher in French 8 and receive the endorsement of their French teacher are recommended to take French 9 Honours. Students who are successful in French 9 Honours are recommended for French 10 Honours. In order to take AP French, students MUST have taken French 10 Honours and French 11 Honours. Students who receive 80% or higher in Mandarin 11 may take AP Chinese Language and Culture 12.

Revised ModernLanguages
For admission into AP Computer Science courses, students should have a strong background in math and have an interest in computer science. 

Revised Technology

For admission into AP Microeconomics or AP Macroeconomics, students should have a strong background in Mathematics for Microeconomics and Social Studies for Macroeconomics.

Revised Bus Ed

For admission into AP Seminar and AP Research, a district application needs to be completed before the end of February. Please see the Advanced Placement district website https://burnabyschools.ca/ap-coursesap-capstone-diploma-program/ for more details.

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